Monday, September 9, 2013

The First Post About Men's Issues.

I have been writing for awhile mostly with regards to television and entertainment and I did alright in the venue but after a couple years of writing in that format I decided I wanted to post a blog more geared towards men. As my previous blog's have always been focused on entertainment I didn't think I was going to take that much of a divergence from my original concept. Then I thought about writing an article about the things that I think are the most important to men and I found it to be a troubling topic.

First off, the thing I think is the most troubling for men is the conception in society that men are disposable. We are taught from an early age that we have to act a certain way, live a certain way and be a certain person to have any value. Why do these things happen? I think it's mostly because men have for too long allowed women to tell them repeatedly how to be men. We have to be sensitive, we have to be strong, but we can't be too sensitive or too strong, in essence we have to be perfect to have any value.

This mentality is pervasive due to many of the most popular entertainment sites for men being run by women. and, two of the most popular men's sites are managed, owned and edited by women. Many of the articles we are reading in magazines from Men's Health to Esquire are by women telling men how we can be better men for women. News paper articles that are addressing men's issues are increasingly being written by women with a specific bent towards how men's behavior affect women. These articles cover a variety of topics but essentially the underlying message is that a man's worth is only in what women see in him.

In our society boys are treated differently than girls all the way from infancy to adulthood in a negative almost abusive manner. They are relegated to an educational system that is geared towards how girls learn rather than boys. The desparity in how we teach our children has led to a unbelievable drop in how many men are going to and completing college compared to women. This goes beyond our schools as well, at home boys are taught at an early age that their masculinity is what is attractive then as they become more masculine and in touch with their sexuality they are told by women that same masculinity is threatening and dangerous.

In relationships they are second class citizens, set up in a dating system built on pursuit and rejection with the man's ego being the only thing at risk. Then in relationships the man is seen as disposable as well, 78% of all relationships are ended by women. When asked why they decided to end their relationship's, most women said men weren't meeting their needs, in the 22% of relationships that were ended by men it was because they felt their partner had grown distant. Ironically in homosexual relationships 100% of all relationships were ended by men.

I may seem to be ranting and I don't want to say that women don't face similar issues, because they do and I can go on about that as well but since this blog is focused on issues that face men I'm not going to at the moment but I will in the future.

So that's my intro blog for my new format. I hope you enjoyed and if you have feedback let me know. I guarantee it wont be so serious all the time! There will be stuff on everything from the best gadgets, to women that tickle our fancy and of course stuff about television. In short it will cover a wide range of topics that impact men.

I also wont exclude women from publishing articles here either, any article can be posted as long as it's relevant to men.

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  1. Feel free to leave feedback on the issues you think are most important to men. I want to hear what you have to say!